I wrote most of these while I was staying in a youth hostel during my first months here in Taipei. The place had just opened, was under "new management," or being remodeled: I never could figure out the reason for the partially constructed ambiance that endured for the three months I lived there. The government tore the place down finally to do some construction of their own. They actually had wanted to tear it down during the first month I was there, however the previous owner had sold the building, not only to the government, but to at least three other people. So, I had a place to live while the courts sorted out the matter.

There was a bulletin board at the hostel where I would post these "Top Ten Lists," at less than regular intervals. Some foreigners have told me that they imagine Chinese would be offended by these comments, but in my experience they seem to take them in the spirit in which they were intended. If any are offended; my apologies. If you ever go to the States, maybe you'll have some "Top Ten Lists" of your own.