Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei - Weekend Wanderings - Here is a good article if you're planning on taking a trip to Taipei. Of course, there's a LOT more to do than is talked about here, but this will get you started, anyway. I ripped this from TIME rather than link to it, 'cause I did that before and they loaded the linked article to a pay site. So, this one is here to stay ...


Dookie - Editor in Chief of the nAgUaL Cyberzine, despite a deep aversion to cameras, here fulfills the ubiquitous "Dog" photo requirement for today's fashionable homepage... Here are various photos of the Dukoid, including a rundown on his vital statistics and personal info.


Om's Place - This guy is from Amsterdamn (thas in Europe) but he's, like, a Hungarian/Indian or something. Anyway, he burst onto the scanning scene in 2001 and even came in second place in the Scannist of the Year Contest. Anyway, this is his *new* site.

Best Lists

Well, the name says it all. These are the Best Everything I could think of, and I tried to provide further links where it was possible. I'm gonna keep adding subjects as time goes by. Right now, you can check out the , or the . If you have any suggestions or want to flame me for my choices, click on the e-mail link below.

TIME Int'l
TIME INTERNATIONAL - as far as I know, Newsweek doesn't even have a website for their magazine. However, TIME has a rather extensive one at , which also has links to their sister publications. This year, though, is the 50th Anniversary of TIME in Asia, so, they're celebrating this milestone with a special site going over the history of both important and trivial reports that TIME in Asia has filed.

Wong, Faye

Faye Wong - (The Most Well-Known Singer IN THE WORLD) is available, although I heard her ex-husband is trying to get her back. Anyway, the is from some guy over at AOL who discovered Faye. Nevertheless, a good read.

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