What the heck am I listening to?
Updated March 21, 2002 4:05am
I've been doing a lot of work recently here at Radio Free nAgUaL. Added a bunch of "Cornelius" No info here yet, but can find some on my bests lists. Click on the CD pic for "Fantasma." I'll have more later. Also, check out the link for Ayumi Hamasaki below. Added a bunch of info I got from a time article about here, complete with pictures. Keep checking back and listening to Radio Free nAgUaL!
For those whose first language is not Engish, I scripted some of the bits in "First Words" as well as "Air Travel" by Jerry Seinfeld to facilitate understanding. Go to their respective pages to access.
Ayumi Hamasaki
Faye Wong
The Juju Club
Sheena Ringo
Spring Scream
Stella Chang
Utada Hikaru
Wubai & China Blue

Great Moments of the 20th Century
Adam Sandler
This American Life
Noam Chomsky
Henry Rollins
Ken Nordine
Firesign Theater
Jack Kerouac
Jerry Seinfeld
National Lampoon
First Words