Webshots - There's two things going on here. One, you download special software and a pics package relating to your interests. They will rotate the pictures regularly on your desktop background according to your specifications. Also, you can download new pics from their extensive library (up to 5 a day).
They also offer you space to upload your own pics. I moved alot of mine from here to there. Check it out!

Real Player One - This is a nice player for listening to a multitude of files - mp3, mpeg, etc. and also lets you listen to internet radio.


Excite - This is one of the best start pages I've found. It's got lots of different stuff you can choose from (like, for me, I like to know the phases of the moon ...). Every time you start your browser, they will push a wide range of updated information to your computer. They even have your daily horoscope and local weather!


KAZAA - Since napster has gone belly-up, I've found this one to be the most effective file sharing program on the net. I mostly use it to download songs and US TV shows (mostly Seinfeld). Be sure to run the speed-up program that comes bundled with it to make the download speed faster.

ICQ - This is the killer application of the net! With it, you can know whether any of your friends are on-line at the same time as you. Then you can chat, send messages, URLs and files. It's really great! After you get on, drop me a line. My ICQ # is 277240


Asian Scan Collecting for Dummies - This group of web pages originally belonged to Bonvarg, but he took it down and is spending all of his energies on his pay site. I decided to put it back up; maybe help some people out. You can also find a mirror at Om's Place.

LIVE 365

LIVE 365! - Ever dreamed of having your own radio station? Well, here's your chance! They offer you the space and the tools to be broadcasting your favorite tunes in no time. You can even go LIVE if you wanna. This is also where you can find Radio Free nAgUaL.


mIRC - Loads of channels to choose from, depending on your particular interests. You can usually find me at #asianscans or #asianbutts. So, download it now and join the chat.


ACDSee - Great award winning application for viewing your picture files. Full product is best, but the evalutaion version is not bad ...


Google Toolbar - This affixes the google search bar onto your browser, so you don't have to go to Google's Homepage every time you need to search for something. Very handy!

Paint Shop Pro

Paint Shop Pro - There might be better graphics programs than this, but none that offer these features combined with ease of use. You can use it to edit pictures taken from the Net and also to create your own avatars and tour vehicles for Virtual Places.


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