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Welcome to Taipei, Taiwan - updated almost daily in January - 4700 (Chinese year)


Here's what's new ...

The nAgUaL Friend Quiz has been updated with all *new* questions!!! Try your luck here.

... and, if you're just looking for some scans, try here, but, of course you'll need a password ...

Check out my new page about horrorscopes!

Just finished building a special page for fans of Radio Free nAgUaL. Check it out!

Got a new page about Scan Collecting.

I got a new webcam Check it out while you're listening to Radio Free nAgUaL if you have time (link below/left, too).

I broke up with my girlfriend but I still got her picture here if you wanna see it. Let you see the new one as soon as I persuade her ...

Also, here are some other pictures of a guy I know named Gerald.

...and of course, if you're looking for Grant Bailie he's here.

I'm putting my ICQ number up. It's 277240 .

shake it, baby! Best Lists
- Well, the name says it all. These are the Best Everything I could think of, and I tried to provide further links where it was possible (but some of them might be dead). I'm gonna keep adding subjects as time goes by. Right now, you can check out the , or the . If you have any suggestions or want to flame me for my choices, click on the e-mail link below.


- Well, least we waste time blowing our own horn, here's a chance to see what the international media are saying about the 'zine.

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- Finally a place to link up to the BEST FREE PROGRAMS ON THE INTERNET (as judged by the Cyberzine). A must visit site for dedicated surfers!

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Links - Has links to a bunch of English sites in Taiwan, about Taiwan. It's there if you want it ...

Porn - Well, this should be self-explanatory; but then again, maybe it's not.

Archives - This is where you can find articles from previous issues of my 'zine. Worth clicking around in.

E-mail me - Uh ..., sends mail (to me). Of course, you gotta delete the "nospam" part. I got to do it that way to prevent these programs from harvesting my e-mail address and flooding me with offers to free porn sites (which turn out not to be free at all!)

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