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Before Freedom
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After Communism

October 23, 1956

A short excerpt from my favorite Hungarian movie - "The Time Is Stopping" directed by Peter Gothar

The antecedents:

The revolution was crushed by the Red Army after 11 days, on November 4. The Kadar leading new government avenged the uprising cruelly; more than 3000 heroes were executed and thousands were thrown into jail. Hundreds of thousands emigrated at the last minute. The power had a double face. One of them was a killer's face with cold blood. The other was sympathetic. So Hungary became the most joyful barracks in the lager of socialism. It was a strange kind of world - you could abuse the power a little bit, you could grow richer a little bit, it was free to receive the culture of West a little bit. Only one thing was strictly forbidden: to remember and to speak about the revolution. Everybody had to forget it. Time was stopped for decades... Our youth was running away while the time was frozen.

The scene:

There were two friends among the rebels. One emigrated and left his family; the other man was put in jail. After some years he was discharged. One morning he visited the wife of his friend. There was a dirty, poor kitchen. The broken man and the tired woman sat around the table. The man smoked a cigarette. You could feel its stink.

"What happened inside?" she asked slowly.

"Why? What happened outside?" the answer came.

Hungarian Version

The Vanguard for the Revolution Against communism


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