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Merry Christmas!!!
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Asian Model-of-the-Year, Maiko Kazano
December 11, 2002
  First off, some links for you: nice sites Candyrooms.com, 5111.tv (click "no" to set your start page to this site - aggravating script), Some pics of Kat Oberle (among others), more here.

Btw - if you're looking for past collecting pages, they've

   And now for some news:
The DALnet channel #asianscans (as well as other channels on that server) have been down for more than a week. As for #asianscans, it has relocated to 
AccessIRC - the servers are:

   I should of course mention that you will
not find me there! Some ne'er-do-well has co-opted all of my nicks on that server, so if you DO see a 'nAgUaL' or 'dR_nAgUaL' - it is not me!

I shall be awaiting the return of DALnet ...
Maiko Kazano from nagual5 series
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Here are some links related to the increasingly popular scans one might find at the dr_nAgUaL group (besides my own: 0m. Ashvattha, Croaaak, Gladrags, Fuki Yamada's Teahouse and 108 kedar.

   If you're looking for my scans, they're mostly

Scan Collecting for Dummies
Here is the classic "Scan Collecting for Dummies," created by the legendary Bonvarg. There's one over at om's place too, just to be sure that this important resource stays alive.  (just click on the book to go there).
Join the dR nAgUaL Group NOW!!! Just clickthe icon on the left to apply. nAgUaL will send you an e-mail asking
for your location and how you heard about the group (this is to prevent e-mail harvesters and spam merchants from using their auto-bots to join). Be sure to reply to nAgUaL's e-mail using the same e-mail address you used to make the application, so nAgUaL will know who to approve. Welcome!
Here's the updated Oriental Links (just clck on the pic). Thanks to ^Marco Polo^ from #asianscans channel on DALnet for this! Great list of websites if you're looking for scans.
              ICQ & Yahoo Messenger
My  ICQ number is 277240 for those of you who want to get in contact with me that way.
  Yahoo Messenger is pretty cool. Seems to be much more dependable for sending files, it notifies me when I've got new e-mail and it's pretty good for setting up my webcam. My Yahoo nick is '
taipei_taiwan' if you wanna get in touch with me that way.
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