1. Immortal - Ad Vitam
    IMMORTAL- Ad Vitam - Based on The Nikopol Trilogy by Enki Bilal (including The Carnival of Immortals, The Woman Trap and Cold Equator) and directed by same. Hard to find in the US, but worth the effort.

    HELLBOY - Director's Cut - forget Spiderman; this creation of DarkHorse Comic's Mike Mignola is the superhero of 2004. Working for the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD), Hellboy encounters Nazis, assorted supernatural phenomenon; even Rasputin! There is depth here ...

    Seinfeld - Seasons 1-3 - Finally off of the home-burned vcds. Got the newly released seasons for myself this past Christmas and they're GREAT! Chock full of extra features - even got to meet the 'original' Krammer - Kenny!

    5. Van Helsing
    VAN HELSING- - Read nothing but negative reviews of this movie from the states. However, it was quite popular in Taiwan and so I gave it a look. Really quite good (in my humble opinion).

    MONSTERS - Collection Limited Edition - Including the original movies, Dracula, Frankenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, The Wolf Man, The Phantom of the Opera, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon. I heard the US edition of this collection was somewhat unstable, but mine is great!

    7.Butterfly Effect
    The Butterfly Effect - Thought provoking, time-travel epic about one unfortunate's life and his efforts to correct his misfortunes.

    9.The History of Rock 'n' Roll
    The History of Rock 'n' Roll - I absolutely LOVE this series! Pretty cheap, too (at least over here). 10 programs outlining the beginnings of rock going all the way through to the ninties. Some purists might disagree with what the producers deem to be 'rock' (esentially 'pop'), but an enjoyable view, nonetheless!

    10.To be or not to be ...
    Shakespeare: The Animated Tales - I think this was produced by the BBC. It's 12 of Shakespeare's plays done in varying styles of animation. Really great! Even a few done in 'claymation.' Some look like impressionistic paintings. A must see!
    11.The Ultimates
    The Ultimates - Iron Man is a drunk, Thor's a hippie and Giant Man beats his wife ... boy, comics have sure changed since I was a kid!

    12.The Man Without Fear
    Daredevil: The Man Without Fear - The movie was a joke. The story behind blind lawyer Matt Murdock and his alter-ego was much darker than the Hollywood version. Ben Affleck and the rest of their crew should be ashamed of themselves for trashing this legend ...

    Hellboy: Seeds of Destruction - Currently working myself through the 5 volumes of this work after seeing the movie. Very good!

    The Nikopol Trilogy - This book is wild! By Enki Bilal, a French artist, writer and director, this book includes "The Carnival of Immortals", "The Woman Trap" and "Cold Equator" (the only comic to ever win the French Book of the Year award!). A riotous romp through a world 20 years in the future. Definitely one of my favorites here. And don't forget the movie!

    15.A History of Britain
    A History of Britain - Roman Britain, the Norman Conquest, the struggles of the Henrys and Richards, Elizabeth I, Scottish rebellions and the English Civil Wars, the American Revolution, the growth of the British Empire, Queen Victoria, the industrial age, and Winston Churchill. It's all here!



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