Automatic for the People - R.E.M. - This CD, while melodious, is not recommended for people living in Scandinavian countries due to it's dark subject matter. Hungarians, also, should exercise caution when listening to these tunes.

    Fantasma - Cornelius - From around 1997, this was one of the top CDs on US college radio station playlists. And he's Japanese! Very creative ... He's got a new CD out this year called "Point," but I haven't heard it yet.

    3.Skip & Hobble
    Skip, Hop & Wobble - Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenberg & Edgar Meyer - My buddy automate on DALnet turned me on to these guys and I got the CD for Christmas. Amazing that one guy can get so much sound out of a guitar (or dobro, or whatever the heck he's playing ..)

    5.Nothing Short
    Nothing Short of Total War - A Blast First Compilation - I hope the link works ... Something tells me this CD could be a little hard to find. Not recommended if you find noise annoying. Nevertheless, a wild ride.

    Automatic - Hikaru Utada - She has been called the Japanese Britney, but that really only refers to her incredible popularity in Japan. She does not dance or try to act sexy or cute, and she writes her own music. It's encouraging to see someone with real talent become this popular.

    Poem - Delerium - I think I heard somewhere that this was a Canadian group, but I'm not sure. Anyway, they always have some 'guest' singers, famous, who come in and help them out with the vocals. They've got a lot of CDs, but this one's the best.

    Lonely Tree, Lonely Bird 樹枝孤鳥 - Wu Bai 伍佰 & China Blue 中國藍 - The first rock group in Taiwan to become popular singing in Taiwanese instead of Manderin. This CD kicks butt!

    Muzai Moratorium - Sheena Ringo - Incredible! She hasn't done anything for about a year (busy having a baby), but just about everything she's every done is unlike anything you've ever heard before. Great videos/dvds, too!

    Sky 天空 - Faye Wong 王菲 - Well, you just gotta hear her. I don't know how well known she is in the west, but if you count all the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and other asians who know her, she's easily the most popular female singer in the world!

    12.I Can't Remember ...
    Amnesiac - RadioHead - Quite simply the best CD of 2001 - just ask om kiri nAgA. Check out Kid A while you're at it.



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